Auckland Drum is a pioneer of drum reconditioning in New Zealand with more than 50 years of proud service to manufacturing and food industries in the country. During this time, our business has developed into a market leader with a wide variety of reconditioning and remanufacturing products and services for steel and plastic drums as well as intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

With growing environmental concern and new legislation such as the Waste Minimisation Bill which seeks to discourage landfill, we understand our customers' packaging strategies are becoming more broadly focused with a 'cradle to cradle' philosophy. To meet this emerging need, we are now pleased to offer a greater range of 'sustainability' services for 'hard to recycle' packaging - collection services and industry programs for packaging including, but not limited to, drums and IBCs.

To reflect this wider service offering, we have chosen to evolve and change our name from Auckland Drum Corporation to Auckland Drum Sustainability Services. Our new name pays tribute to our roots but also defines our future focus and commitment to finding 'end of life' solutions for packaging that cannot be collected via traditional recycling networks. A fresh new look builds on this heritage while demonstrating the added products and services available from Auckland Drum.

As we begin this next phase of our business, I thank you for your support and look forward to working with you as we both strive to minimise the amount of industrial waste that goes to landfill.

Steve Mead
General Manager