Auckland Drum provides a comprehensive service for the collection and supply of new, rebottled and reconditioned IBCs.

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New IBCs

Auckland Drum is the sole reseller of new Mauser® SM IBCs in New Zealand. Mauser® IBCs are designed to meet the tough needs of industrial, chemical and food packaging and are renowned for their reliability as well as the quality and variety of valves and accessories that are available.

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Reconditioned IBCs

All reconditioned IBCs go through a tightly controlled quality process that ensures the bottle and cage are thoroughly cleaned, components are checked and replaced if necessary and the IBC is pressure tested for leaks.

Rebottled IBCs

Rebottled IBCs are a cost effective alternative to a new IBC and combine the integrity of a new food contact approved bottle with the economy of a reconditioned cage.

Complete IBC Services

Auckland Drum is a leading service provider for the collection and supply of 'hard to recycle' packaging. With national collection, buying and reconditioning services, Auckland Drum can offer customers a lower and a more environmentally sound solution for bulk packaging.

Key benefits of using our IBC services include:

Collection of IBCs

Reconditioning and Rebottling Services

Dangerous Goods Recertification

Total Fleet Management